Poker And Charity Event Feb 2017

Jamie Gold, Liv Boeree and Brad Garrett are in the limelight this week as they are pitching in for a poker event that promises to hand back the earnings to charity foundations such as Raising for Effective Giving, The Giving Back Fund and Maximum Hope Foundation.

This unique event combines charity and poker that makes it a good cause to come under highlights this week.

December Sees Unibet Poker 2.0

First of December saw the launch of Unibet Poker 2.0.

This is a new software that was pending release and many customers have been looking forward to using this new platform and its new features. From 2014 in February Unibet moved away from the Microgaming Poker Network. It is now a poker online network that functions by itself and is powered by the Relax Gaming Company. The online company released the Unibet Poker in the second version for its customers around the world on 1st of December.

Lawlor Wins €65,000 At WPT National Ireland

Richard Lawlor is the latest poker player to win the World Poker Tour Championship after his successful victory at the recently concluded 2016 World Poker Tour National Ireland Main Event.

Industry shift to help recreational poker players

If you are a recreational online poker enthusiast who does not log in any more and plays at the real poker tables, this could be a great time that you return to your old poker room account and get your hands on it.

The whole online poker sector is altering in a grand way, with tables pitching heavily in privilege of “recs” over “regs.” The operators of poker sites are stooping over backwards to pull in casual players, doing their best to make the whole game scene more invoking to non-professionals.

New Jersey casino expansion finally agreed

The legislators of New Jersey have finally come to a deal on a doubt to be put before voters on the November ballot about the probable expansion of the gambling industry of the state outside Atlantic City.

The contract put an end to long running heated arguments on which one of the two suggested legislations must be presented to voters. In 2015, Steve Sweeney, the New Jersey Senate President, and Vincent Prieto, the Assembly Speaker, introduced two separate but very same type of bills for the governance of two casinos in North Jersey.

Pratyush Buddiga: A Handsome Player of the Poker.

He is the youngest player of the poker. He is basically from Colorado Springs United States.

Total casino winnings were $3,856,288 and 3 carrier titles, 38carriers cashes. In 2015 he has won 13 Poker players in this year and total points are 1698.he started playing from around 2010. He has in full-fledged in 2014. Afterwards it going decreases. He has played in many of the series. He has not played in world poker tour. But he gave his best in his every match.

Eddy Sabat Becomes A California State Champion After He Wins The 2015 Poker Championship Main Event

462 players registered in to the $1,650 Main Event of the 2015 California State Poker Championship, which is being held at Commerce Casino and have generated prize pool money worth $693,000. Compared to 2013 the traffic is down this time and it was 584 players at that time, and Jeff Madsen emerged the winner from the vast field to win the top prize. The event was also part of the Heartland Poker Tour then.

Ryan Reiss: A very brilliant poker player

He won most of the winning is poker game. He is very sharp and quick player. Ryan is from East Lansing United states.

He has very attractive personality. He learns from his every game and he plays very brilliantly. He has good presence of mind so that at every situation he can play well at any condition in front of him. He has good technique of poker. He plays very beautifully and he is inspiration for other player because he plays very technically so that he can stand out at any moment.

Sam Angel investment in poker saw him garner substantial bucks

Players who played in the high-stakes poker in the earlier years of the game’s advancement concentrated purely on live events.
Raising funds and meeting the exigencies to play at the most toughest events that invite contestants from all the corners of the globe was a challenge. Unlike today when players venture in virtual poker, the conventional old days required sharp skills to climb up the ladder of eminence.

Daniel becoming the 2nd Best Philanthropist

Daniel who happens to be the amazing poker player is also a good human being. After playing the poker game with all the zeal and with all the passion is now working for the welfare of the society.

In a recent donation event organized by the poker community witnessed some amazing big donations from a lot of good players. All these players came forward and give some generous donations to the community known as Drop Foundation.